Franchise Application Form

Applicant Data
A. Individual Applicant (Individual who wants to buy the franchise)
Name* :
Date of Birth* :
Nationality* :
Marital Status :
Telephone (M)* :
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Employer's Name / Name of Own Business :

B. Corporate Applicant (Company that wants to buy the franchise)
If company is new or does not have business or financial track record, please complete Part A above using information pertaining to the principal partner.

Name of Company / Business* :

Country of Incorporation / Registration* :
Address in Resident Country* :
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Year of Incorporation*:
Incorporation No. (If Any) :
Entity Type. (If Any):
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Capitalisation (paid-up): RM :

Pevious Financial Year's Sales Turnover: RM FY ( To S )
Shareholding Structure:
Please Indicate Names of Individuals and/or Companies and Percentage of Shares Held*
Name of Intended Managing Principal (Person who will manage the franchise)* :
Age* :
Marital Status :
Nationality* :
Current Occupation or Designnation within Company*

Other Information
*1. Amount of funds available to invest in the business: RM
*2. Main source of funds:
Internal    External (eg. banks)

*3. Which type of franchise are you interested to obtain?
Single Unit   Multiple Units  Country Master   Area Master

*4. In what country(s)/territory(s) do you plan to operate the Franchise?
*5. How familiar are you with franchising?
Very Fairly Little Not

*6. Have you operated a franchise business before?
Yes No

If yes, please state
Franchise Name :
Country of Origin :
Nature of Business :
Period of Franchise:
*7. How familiar are you with the operation of a restaurant?
Very Fairly Little Not

*8. Have you operated a restaurant before?
Yes No

If yes, please state
Description of Business :
Location of Business :
Period of Operation :
*9. Do you presently own or rent premises which may be suitable for operating a Sushi Zanmai outlet?
Yes No

Location :
Monthly rent (if leased) : RM
*10. Are you able to dedicate full time managing and working at the restaurant?
Yes No
*11. Briefly, what are your reasons for wanting to acquire the Sushi Zanmai franchise?
*12. Name some strength that you think will make you a good franchisee.
13. Other relevant information :
*14. Expected investment (RM)

*15. Expected returns (RM)

I certify that all information provided herewith is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that should any of the above information prove to be false, my application for the Sushi Zanmai franchise will be terminated immediately.
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